If you are looking for practical strategies to help you with parenting issues or day to day concerns, then we have a course for you!

handsParenting success is strongly linked to informal, community-based supports and the availability of quality parenting resources and programs. When families with children can access a network of informal and formal support in their community, they are more likely to parent with greater ease and greater feelings of success.

Our parenting and self-help programs focus on:

  • Becoming a new parent
  • Parenting your infant and preschooler;
  • Parenting your child/youth and teen;
  • Parenting in a blended family;
  • Single parenting;
  • Building self-esteem;
  • Managing stress; and
  • Relationship building with children and other adults.

We have many daytime and/or evening courses to choose from and to accommodate your family’s busy schedules.

Be sure to check our calendar or current program guide for a complete list of available programs!