Early Childhood Programs

Early years are critical to a child’s development. The first years of a child’s life have a tremendous impact on learning, behavior, coping skills and health throughout life.

The best early learning programs offer:

  • Highly skilled staff;
  • Small play group sizes;
  • Age-appropriate learning activities and materials;
  • A language-rich environment;
  • Warm relationships between children and staff; and
  • Strong participation by children.

We are proud to offer all of this in our Early Childhood Programs!

We offer both parented and un-parented courses for children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years.


Parented programs are an excellent way to introduce children to activities outside of the home. Your child will get to know our staff and become comfortable in our early learning centre, and stay reassured that mom or dad is still with them. Our “Playtime” drop-in program is a wonderful first step for social interaction in very young children.

Our parented programs are designed to enhance and enrich your child’s learning experience. Qualified instructors will mentor and provide creative activities in our learning centre during daytime courses, such as:

  • Little Chefs
  • Playtime
  • Baby Grow
  • And many more

Interacting with your children has a lasting effect on their social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development. Engaged parents lead to healthier, happier children.


Our un-parented programs help children and their parents deal with separation anxiety and independence in a safe and caring early childhood setting. Children will experience an engaging environment with an abundance of hands-on activities. Programs include:

  • Preschool
  • All About…
  • Discover & Learn
  • Just for Parents Childcare
  • And so much more!

Be sure to check our calendar or current program guide for a complete list of available programs!

*Please note:  All of our Early Childhood programs, as well as our Preschool, qualify for the Alberta Stay-at-Home Subsidy.  Please contact us for more detail or to apply, visit Alberta Stay-at-Home Subsidy.