Child & Youth Programming

At St. Albert Family Resource Centre we believe in giving every child the developmental tools that will carry them forward into a successful future, whether those tools are social skills, cooperation, emotional management, self-esteem or friendship building. We instill these skills through both exciting and enjoyable courses as well as through more specialized programs, including:

  • Managing feelings;
  • Building self-esteem;
  • Developing social skills;
  • Dealing with pressure; and,
  • Preparing to be at home alone.

In addition, our classes are designed to be fun and interactive while often tackling deeper issues through games and activity. Our courses offer children the chance to develop a supportive network of friends while also exploring their unique interests, through new hobbies and activities. There is a class here for every need and every child!

Child and Youth programs are available during spring break, professional development days (PD Days), early dismissals, summer break and evenings.

Be sure to check our calendar or current program guide for a complete list of available programs!